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Jan 28, 2010 6:00pm EST
way. >> to have the president of the united states once again affirming the importance of community college is very energizing and exciting. >> president obama says he wants to get a break to college graduates who take as student loans. they will be required to pay only 10% of their income on student loans. and they will be forgiven after 10 years if they choose a career in public service. >> the president's stop in baltimore tomorrow will start earlier than expected. at noon, he is expected at the renaissance hotel at the house gop retreat. it is said to be another attempt at bipartisanship. but before that, he will tour the machine co., a small business in highlandtown. that is where he is expected to detail his job creation proposal. he began unveiling it today in florida. >> will be building a high-speed rail lines right here in tampa, putting people to work. >> included in the present $8 billion national rail project is a system that would connect baltimore to b.w.i. marshall airport. members of the baltimore city council want to reduce the power given to the mayor and to the c
Jan 1, 2010 6:00pm EST
flights airborne over the united states at the time and who can guarantee that there was not another even about to happen on one of those flights. >> the u.s. is now trying to convince european nations to use more full body scanners. britain's prime minister has called for an international summit on to ever in late january to talk about preventing future terrorist attacks. >> the senate intelligence committee will be conducting its own investigation to find out why there was so much miscommunication. of those hearings begin on january 21. >> if you have never participated, you might think those poor bear jumpers are nats. but why would they do it twice? >> losing weight in getting in shape tops the list when it comes to new year's resolutions. coming up, we will show you people that are getting >> to win, you have to love sports and have the world's largest bladder. he is one of four finalists in the annual ultimate cost to no contest. the battle to see who can watch the most consecutive hours sports. and they can only go to the bathroom every eight hours. if the contest started at 11:00
Jan 14, 2010 6:00pm EST
, the ship's chief nurse showed us four operating rooms, a triage unit, and state- of-the-art equipment that will be used. he said already that emotions are getting the best of him. >> it is overwhelming, which is why we would like to get there yesterday. you never get used to this. in 22 years i've been on a lot of missions, but it is hard to sit here seeing all of this going on and we are not there yet. >> besides medical help, the u.s.s. comfort may be able to offer assistance with drinking water, thanks to these four distilling plant on board that can turn 100,000 gallons of seawater into drinking water per day. there is no doubt that the crew have their work cut out for them, but that his comfort for their capt.. the ship is expected to be stocked with about 600 medical personnel. it may make a stop in miami to pick up food and medical supplies. it is expected to be in haiti by january 22, but the captain tells me they would like to be there a day or two earlier. >> members of the howard county church were set to begin a mission to haiti on wednesday, just one day after the earthqu
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3